The prevention of prostatitis at home


More unpleasant for men the disease is not a heart attack or a stroke, and prostatitis. You're cheesy you can't normally do more of a normal thing — go to the bathroom. When you try to urinate all the pain, the urine drop by drop, making a lot of time hanging around in the bathroom and escape with her again, literally, through five minutes. And even pains in the groin area, the temperature and chills... Nice little.

To understand this, as not to allow the development of the disease, and what prevention of prostatitis there, we spoke with experts in the field.

To start the prevention of prostatitis

  1. To defend against infections

    The main cause of prostatitis is infection. Therefore, it is very important to avoid the entry of germs into the prostate.

    In the prostate they can fall two types of germs:

    • the causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases;
    • escherichia coli.

    In the first case, the prevention of prostatitis is understandable. How beautiful was not a girl and not as we would like, without a condom — ni-ni! Yes, and not only of prostatitis will protect if that.

    In the second case, the e. coli can enter your beautiful cock with dirty hands, not washed after using the bathroom, and during the anal sex without a condom. Yes, even with his wife. Therefore, the hygiene our all! Wash your hands, wash member, use a condom.

  2. Not SuperCool

    Due to hypothermia, falls immunity, and the stagnant blood in the pelvic organs. The same e. coli, which is normally present in our body, it can multiply the force of a fall there, if you freeze. Stagnant blood causes inflammation of the organs, including the prostate. Finally, the worse it's going to the urine and the germs easier to register and to multiply.

    - For the prevention of prostatitis it is important to avoid the main risk factors. It is important not SuperCool and sober assessment of their strength during the temple. If the hypothermia the body cannot resist the infection, with the fact that until that success was, - explained the specialists.

  3. Move more!

    In our time, when most of the time we are sitting in the office, then we're sitting in the car, and then we occupy a comfortable position in the favorite couch, the movement of the body is unprecedented! There is No movement — starts the stagnation of the blood, the organs of the pelvis compressed and worse work.

    - The best prevention of prostatitis is to lead as far as possible a style of life that advise the specialists. - Walk at lunch, warm up in the office after a long meeting and at the time of report writing, climbing the stairs instead of going in the elevator. Use any possibility of a return!

  4. Having sex regularly

    The regular sex is beautiful, the prevention of prostatitis. He is the key to a good long time working of the prostate. During sex powerfully the blood circulation, the better are the metabolic processes. Once more, the prostate actively allocates its juice, which is the liquid part of sperm. No stagnation and therefore there is no possibility of an infection point of support. Masturbation in this sense, it is worse, if it is not the movements of the pelvis and not-so-powerful-to increase the circulation.

    But remind of security, safety, sexually transmitted infections. Protected!

  5. Do not abuse alcohol

    In the first place, the alcohol itself reduces the immunity and the body harder to fight infections. In the second place, the alcohol expands the vessels, and this leads to different hypostases, on which we have already spoken. In the third place, taken you can pull of feats. And there are already up to sexual intercourse along with the unknown of a woman and you sleep in a unknown place on a cold floor.

  6. Cure for chronic diseases

    When the hypothermia, or the large amount of taken alcohol, the infection can enter the prostate and other internal organs foci of infection. For example, the decay of the teeth. Focus can also be chronic sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis or sore throat. Apparently, where the throat and where the prostate is, here it is. Therefore, for the prevention of prostatitis and other diseases, you should try to foci of chronic infection.

Medications for prostatitis

For the treatment to be applied the whole complex of the drug of prostatitis:

  • antibiotics. Since the main cause of the prostatitis is an infection in the first place, they treat precisely of her.
  • anti-inflammatory and analgesic (scientific "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory"). These medicines deviate from the temperature at the time of the acute prostatitis, relieving pain and inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • alpha-blockers. Are medications soothing of the prostate gland and improves the flow of the urine. Due to the inflammation of the prostate increased in size, weighs in on the urethra and does not give the normal urine out into the street.
  • vitamins and dietary supplements. Improve the recovery of the normal function of the prostate gland after the infection has been overcome and the inflammation of the withdrawal.

And here are the devices that are sold for the treatment of prostatitis, in the 99% of useless, rely on the experts. These here laser, pulse electromagnetic and miracle-priborchiki.

Home remedies for prostatitis

The most popular popular method of treatment of prostatitis is the propolis. Apply your advise and in the form of candles, and in the form of tincture. It is considered that the propolis has a small anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, but the key word — a little! Or fight the infection that causes prostatitis, or remove the inflammation, while the hellish pain and the temperature is below 40 degrees, the propolis of course you can't.

Another popular popular tool of prostatitis — the seeds of pumpkin. Eaten — and the order. But in reality you have to understand that the seeds of pumpkin are valid only in some species of worms. And then, do not kill, but that just lead to discomfort, from which worms can begin to relieve ourselves of the person. Because worms do not cause prostatitis, and be cured squash from seed it makes no sense.

Many people use for the treatment of prostatitis burdock root. The burdock is a diuretic and wound healing action, and in it a large quantity of inulin, which is useful in diabetes mellitus. Wounds as such to the prostatitis not, because, and try nothing special. And here is the diuretic effect that will take you from torture. Imagine you, as the urine can not break through a tight prostate, urethra, and even more the pressure increases, reinforcing him the pain and frequency of going to the bathroom. You need it?

In the folk medicine for the treatment of prostatitis also advise to apply the cooking bearish (red) of the root. The main effect of its application, anti — inflammatory. But he is very weak to attempt to lower the temperature and the pain. In addition, infection of bear root does nothing.

- Our town is so severe, that it can be anything. - experts say. - At the base of all the drugs that are now advertised and sold as Badi, are found the plant components. Have easy anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial efficiency. But as the only method for treatment of the prostatitis are too weak, as they have a very low efficiency. To recommend anything, I can't. The central problem of popular medicine is a waste of time and, later, the start of the normal treatment.

Of steam when the prostatitis

It is the most powerful way to popular method of treatment of prostatitis is Turkish! - have the specialists. - It is warming up, the alternation of heat and cold can be useful. But it is important to remember that the steam should not be administered to people who have problems with the heart and blood vessels. A very important moment! Patients older than 50 years of age must be 100% sure that it is prostatitis and not cancer of prostate. Because the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, such as the adenoma and cancer of prostate. And it is important not to waste time trying to cure the disease. The procedure is as follows: first we eliminate cancer, then we try to cure the prostatitis.

Walk in the steam bath or in the sauna for the treatment of prostatitis can only with good health! You can't walk immediately after meals, or in a state of intoxication. You can't walk of the acute prostatitis, when you have the temperature! Only after the normalization of well-being to secure the treatment and prevention of prostatitis.

In the steam bath or in the sauna, or better not to overheat, walking for fun and not for the sake of the records of resistance. Come 15-20 minutes in the steam room, state, left to rest for 30 to 40 minutes. You can then re-enter and heat up. In snow or ice, swimming pool, it is better not to climb — otherwise, you can get a new wave of prostatitis is cool!

Exercises for the home of prostatitis

- Complex of exercises for the prevention of prostatitis on the internet is much now. But most of all the marketing and advertising, according to experts. - A DAILY routine of walking, squatting and climbing stairs will be much more use! It is clear that not the game, but you fool yourself to exercise a minimum of activity. And regular sex life!

If you have for example office work, nothing prevents you from lunch to go to the dining room, not in the elevator, and passing several floors on foot. It has been 2 hours in a meeting? After that he walks out into the hallway and do a few push-ups. In general, the squat is an exercise that well increases the blood in the pelvis, and struggle with the stagnation.

After work when we get home — leave the car in the courtyard and go to the store on foot, and do not enter him for the road. Go up to your floor by the stairs and not the elevator. If you live very high — part of the route of the mount in the lift, and part of continuing to walk.

It is necessary to do exercise regularly. The records is not necessary, but walking for 40 minutes a day, or exercise 2-3 times a week with exercises of the lower body can help. Bike, walk, squat, inclines, swimming is very good as exercises for the home of the prostatitis.

Make a note of the main exercises for the prevention of prostatitis:

  • the walking;
  • squat;
  • leans forward;
  • swinging of the feet;
  • elevation of legs while lying;
  • walk the stairs;
  • the bike rides;
  • swimming.