The medications of prostatitis


Prostatitis is an acute inflammatory process that occurs in the tissues of the prostate.

At present, the range of products of prostatitis widely represented.

Any medication for the treatment of prostatitis, should be designated a doctor. Most of the drugs are divided into several groups.


Apply in the event that the disease is viral in nature. They are effective in the therapy of prostatitis.

Antibacterial group of drugs

Antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis are appointed in the cases in which the pathogens are pathogenic bacteria. Due to that the analysis of determining the kind of germs which cause acute inflammation, take more than a week, and the severe state of the patient lets not wait a long time, the treatment often begin to "blind". Initially, we prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics, since according to the results of the bacteriological weapons research, the treatment can be manipulated.

The list of antibiotics is different.


The abbreviation of this group of medications is synonymous with "drugs". Medications for the treatment of the prostatitis are allocated to the pains and the increased tone of the musculature perineal, problems urinating, inflammatory process. The purpose of the application of these drugs consists in removing negative, painful symptoms symptoms of the disease: discomfort, swelling, increase in body temperature.

The alpha-blockers

This group of drugs, prescribed by doctors, when you need to relieve the reflux of the urine of the patient, reduce the likelihood of the consequences of prostatic hyperplasia.

Drugs that remove the increase of muscle tone

To this group of substances are muscle relaxants, whose ability is to remove the spasm of the muscles of the pelvis.

Examples of actions of frequent use of medications

The action of drugs of prostatitis in the therapy should be directed to:

  • the recovery of the microcirculation of the blood and strengthening the walls of the vessels,
  • the reduction of the swelling,
  • the regulation of the function of the urinary system,
  • the regulation of the metabolism of the prostate gland,
  • the normalization of urination and job of the prostate.