Apparatus and devices for the treatment of prostatitis in men.

According to statistics, one in three men after the age of 40 suffers from urogenital pathologies. Every year, urological diseases "get younger", and more and more often treatment with drugs and devices of prostatitis is prescribed to patients aged 25 to 30 years. The main cause of many male diseases are stagnant processes that provoke the appearance of inflammatory reactions. One of the most common problems is prostatitis, which is infectious or non-infectious in nature. This inflammatory disease of the prostate tissue can be triggered by many factors:

  • Passive lifestyle;
  • Mental stress;
  • Bad habits;
  • Non-compliance with hygiene standards;
  • Lesions in the genital area, etc.

If you find the first signs of the disease in the form of discomfort, burning sensation, delayed urination or defecation, decreased erection or pain during sexual intercourse, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe drug therapy, prostate massagewith hardware and other non-surgical treatments. treatment methods so that it does not become chronic.

Men should remember that pathologies of the urological sphere not only cause pain, discomfort, have a detrimental effect on self-esteem with sexual dysfunction, decreased potency, but can also cause the development of prostate cancer.

normal and swollen prostate

Effective Treatments for Prostate Diseases.

In the infectious nature of the disease, the doctor prescribes antibacterial drugs, in an acute form - antibiotics. Usually complex therapy includes hormonal drugs, immunomodulators, alpha blockers, muscle relaxants, drugs based on herbal ingredients, etc. Non-invasive hardware techniques are very effective, when the patient can independently use special devices (devices) for the treatment of prostatitis at home.

Physiotherapeutic medical devices are suitable for curing various pathologies of the pelvic organs at the stage of attenuation of the inflammatory process, as well as for therapeutic and prophylactic actions to combat congestion or erectile dysfunction as part of complex therapy. The use of non-invasive methods, including magnetotherapy, electrical stimulation, vibroacoustics, laser therapy, has a positive effect on blood circulation, which makes it possible to relieve symptoms, accelerate the healing process, and enhance the effect of drug therapy.

Features of choosing a device for prostate massage

In a hospital setting, transrectal devices are often used, which act through the posterior wall of the rectum. Such invasive methods can be performed by the patient independently, but under the supervision of a doctor. For use at home, a special massage device (device) for the treatment of prostatitis of the prostate has been developed, a device that provides a pronounced effect due to a complex effect. There are many different types of urological medical devices. Let's take a look at the features, advantages and disadvantages of some of them together. But you need to remember that choosing an apparatus (device) for the treatment of prostatitis at home is necessary not only after studying reviews, reviews of other patients, but also after consulting with the attending physician.

Massager device

When a man is diagnosed with prostatic vesiculitis, chronic inflammation of the prostate gland, uretroprostatitis, sexual dysfunctions, physiotherapeutic procedures using a urological device are indicated. A modern and effective device (massager) for the treatment of prostatitis was developed for professional use, but it has been adapted for safe and effective use at home. The uniqueness of the compact device lies in the ability to provide 4 types of therapeutic effects, change 7 different programs and the possibility of flexible settings. The device has no analogues for the simultaneous combination of physiotherapeutic effects. As a result of treatment, the amount of leukocytes in the gland's secretion decreases, the pains decrease, the urination rate normalizes, and the amount of residual urine decreases.

Triple action device

The device for the treatment of prostatitis is designed for use during the chronic course of the disease, and in the acute form of the disease, its use is prohibited. The model has a triple effect:

  • Vibrant massage;
  • Hyperthermia (warm);
  • Pulse magnetotherapy.

As a result of treatment with the use of a rectal applicator, the strength of painful sensations decreases, blood flow improves, swelling and inflammation decrease. The frequency of the urge to urinate decreases, the functions of the reproductive system are gradually restored.

Transrectal apparatus

The device for the treatment of the prostate acts through the rectum and is intended to perform complex physiotherapeutic procedures for any inflammation of the prostate gland. The device has a local effect on the area affected by vibration force, magnetic field and thermal method. This non-invasive therapy method:

  • Strengthens the outflow of prostate secretions;
  • Improves blood circulation in the pelvic area;
  • Reduces swelling;
  • It favors the regeneration processes;
  • Increases the effect of drug therapy.

It can be used in hospital, outpatient and home conditions under medical supervision.

A device based on a pulsating electromagnetic field.

Due to the creation of a vacuum effect, the manifestations of inflammation are reduced, the swelling disappears, and the walls of the blood vessels are strengthened. After completing a two-week course, patients note the normalization of the urination process, an improvement in erection, and an increase in the amount of sperm.

Magnetic Vacuum Technology Device

The medical device works on the basis of magnetic vacuum technology, transferring low-frequency alternating current to the area of inflammation. The skin and vascular receptors become irritated and signals are sent to the brain about the need to "readjust" the areas responsible for arousal. Wearing the device improves blood flow in the pelvic organs and has a positive effect on smooth muscles.


The medical urological massager to treat the prostate and improve erectile function has several options:

  • Electromagnetic field pulses: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effects;
  • Thermal influence: restoration of blood circulation, stimulation of the immune system;
  • Mechanical vibration: get rid of congestion, gain muscle tone.

Its use is recommended in the remission phase and the inflammation phase, in addition to complex therapy with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, adaptogens, etc.

prostate massager

Why do doctors recommend treating the prostate with a massager?

According to many home urologists, the most effective apparatus (device) for prostate massage is a new generation innovative physiotherapy apparatus, which was originally developed for professional use. It is the only portable device that is a safe analog of laser therapy. Its uniqueness lies in the simultaneous placement of four different sources of exposure in the affected area within a rectal cartridge with a diameter of 22 mm. The complete set includes a control panel, the display of which shows the indication of time, power and operating mode, it is possible to select and configure programs. The kit also includes a power supply unit that allows it to be connected to a 100-240 V network. The manufacturing company has carried out all the necessary placebo-controlled clinical trials, taking into account the requirements of world standards, forwhat said device (massager) of the prostate in a pharmacy, you can buy an online store safely after price comparison.

Applied Technologies

Combination therapy is based on four types of intervention, excluding the use of several different devices. Among the varieties of therapeutic techniques with which the device is equipped with a prostatitis massager:

  1. Infrared radiation. Gentle infrared heating deeply affects all affected volume, and not just nearby tissue. There are three IR diodes that can operate in pulse or continuous mode. Due to the duration of the impulse, you can adjust the force of the impact. As a result, cellular respiration is activated, blood vessels expand, and tissue regeneration processes accelerate.
  2. Hardware massage. The urological device (massager) for the prostate has 32 groups of vibration modes with the ability to individually adjust the power from 0 to 500 mW. The setting is done using the control panel. Vibration massage improves blood flow, reduces manifestations of stagnation and accelerates the transport of drugs to damaged tissues.
  3. Thermotherapy. The possibility of heating the rectal cartridge in 3 minutes at a temperature of 38-42 ° C and adjusting the values in 10 levels. Thermotherapy does not produce hyperthermia. A vasodilator effect is guaranteed, improving blood flow and microcirculation. 4. Magnetotherapy. The urological prostate massage machine is equipped with a powerful magnetic coil. It is possible to create an alternating or constant magnetic field with a frequency change from 0 to 99 Hz. Magnetic therapy has an analgesic, immunomodulatory and adaptogenic effect. Complex hardware massage does not cause numbness, discomfort, or discomfort. Due to the combination of different factors of the physiotherapeutic effect, the development of resistance, the adaptation of tissues to uniform influences is excluded.
  4. What effect does the massager device provide?

    As a result of the use of the device for massaging the prostate, microcirculation and metabolic processes in the tissues are improved, congestion is eliminated, and edema decreases and disappears. Provides a high anti-inflammatory effect, increases the absorption rate of drugs and dietary supplements used during treatment. Complex physiotherapy gently affects the prostate gland, restoring its functional capabilities, promoting tissue regeneration. After completing the therapeutic course, patients note the normalization of the process of urination and defecation, improvement of erectile function, strengthening of muscle sphincters. A placebo-controlled study, which was carried out by specialists, showed that treatment with a massager device is 7 times more effective in terms of the amount of leukocytes in the prostate secretion.

    Contraindications for use.

    The massager device for the treatment of the prostate requires caution in the following cases:

    • Acute course of the disease or exacerbation of a chronic form;
    • Hemorrhoids, anal fissures;
    • Malignant and benign diseases of the pelvic organs;
    • Injury and inflammation of the rectum;
    • Active tuberculosis of the prostate.

Before doing physical therapy, you should consult your doctor and read the instructions. With proper use, the prostate massage device (device) will provide good and effective assistance in solving urological problems and restoring health to men.