How to treat prostatitis with traditional medicine?

Prostatitis is a common disease in middle-aged and elderly men, accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. In the treatment of such a pathology, traditional medicine is used successfully. This address has certain advantages and disadvantages. You can cure prostatitis using different recipes.

Prostatitis is an inflammatory lesion of the prostate gland. This disease is seen in men mainly after 40-45 years. An effective direction in its treatment is traditional medicine. There are many effective remedies that have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Can prostatitis be cured with home remedies?

Unconventional methods in the treatment of prostatitis are effective, but it is possible to completely cure the disease with their help only in its initial stage. In the case of the transition from pathology to a chronic form, traditional medicine can alleviate the condition and reduce the risk of exacerbations.

In case of prostatitis, you should consult a doctor. The specialist will clarify the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. The possibility of using traditional medicine with him should also be discussed.

Advantages and disadvantages of home remedies in prostatitis therapy.

Traditional medicine has both positive and negative sides.

Home remedies for the treatment of prostatitis.

The benefits of home remedies include:

  • availability - ingredients can be purchased cheaply at a pharmacy or grocery store, prepared on your own;
  • fewer contraindications and side effects;
  • strengthen immunity, a positive effect on the whole body;
  • smooth action;
  • the possibility of combining different components, the simultaneous use of different recipes.

Many medicines are also made from natural ingredients of plant and animal origin.

Traditional medicine also has some negative aspects:

  • long-term action - the effect is cumulative, so the treatment may take more than a month;
  • the risk of individual intolerance;
  • the possibility of poisoning if the dose is not followed;
  • the impossibility of a complete cure for serious violations.

Recipes of traditional medicine in the treatment of prostatitis.

There are many effective home remedies that are used to treat prostatitis. It is more efficient to apply several recipes at the same time.


In chronic pathology, it is effective to use suppositories with propolis. You can make them according to the following recipe:

  1. Prepare the propolis extract: evaporate 40 g of the product in a glass of medical alcohol.
  2. Mix the resulting extract and cocoa butter in a ratio of 1: 20.
  3. Form candles with this mixture and place them in the refrigerator.

Propolis suppositories must be injected into the rectum. This should be done before going to bed for a month. After that, endure a break of 1-2 months. In total, you need to go through 2-3 courses of treatment.

Prostatitis can be effectively treated with a propolis tincture prepared in a pharmacy. It is enough to add 40 drops of the healing composition to half a glass of water and drink it half an hour before meals for a month and a half.

Enemas with propolis give a good effect. It is necessary to dilute 40 g of a natural product in a glass of alcohol and add half a teaspoon of cocoa butter. For 100 ml of water, you need 0. 5 teaspoons of this product; this volume is designed for one procedure. The duration of treatment is 2 months. The repeated course is carried out after a break of 1 month.


Pumpkin is a tasty and healthy melon crop. With prostatitis, it is useful to drink freshly squeezed pumpkin juice. It is necessary to drink a glass of medicine every day, adding 1 tablespoon of honey to it. Such treatment should be continued for 2-3 weeks, then take a break.

Pumpkin seeds are also helpful for prostatitis. You should eat a fresh, peeled product - the seeds can be a bit dry, but they cannot be thermally processed. Such a delicious treatment must be continued for a month. Every day, you need to consume 0. 1 kg of the product.

pumpkin seeds for treating prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds can be used to make a delicious and healthy honey remedy. It is done according to the following algorithm:

  1. Peel 0. 5 kg of seeds and chop. The product must be raw, no heat treatment is allowed.
  2. Mix the resulting raw material with 0. 2 kg of honey.
  3. Shape the resulting mixture into balls. Store them in the fridge, taking out just a few pieces a day to get the optimum temperature.
  4. Consume a tablespoon twice a day before meals. The product should be chewed slowly.

Althea decoction

Such a remedy is prepared from the dried roots of a plant, which must first be crushed. 4 tbsp. L. Prepare the raw materials in half a liter of boiling water and cook for half an hour. After 10 minutes, pass through a layer of cheesecloth and return to the initial volume with boiled water.

Consume a third of a glass four times a day.

Decoction of lingonberry leaves

Grind dry raw materials, add 4 tsp. in half a liter of hot water and put in a bain-marie for a quarter of an hour. Insist 45 minutes, filter.

Drink a glass of broth in 4 servings during the day.

Blue cornflower infusion

1 tablespoon. l. put the raw materials in a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour, and then strain. Drink three times a day half an hour before meals. It takes a third of the glass at a time.

Heather infusion

The recipe calls for the herb of the plant. In 1 st. l. Raw materials need half a liter of boiling water. Soak the composition for 2 hours, then strain.

Consume the resulting volume throughout the day in 4 divided doses.

Medicinal asparagus for prostatitis

To prepare the broth the rhizomes of the plant are used, which should be crushed. 1 tablespoon. l. prepare the product with a glass of boiling water and cook for a quarter of an hour. Soak for 45 minutes, strain and pour into boiled water, returning the initial volume. Consume a tablespoon three times a day.

The infusion is prepared from young asparagus shoots. It is necessary to prepare 3 teaspoons in a glass of boiling water. shredded product. Let sit for 2 hours, then wipe it through cheesecloth. Take a tablespoon three times a day. The treatment lasts one month.

Using parsley seeds for prostatitis

To prepare the broth, it is necessary to grind the seeds to a powdery state. 4 tsp. add raw materials to a glass of boiling water, cook for another quarter of an hour. When the composition has cooled, strain. Take 1 tablespoon. l. 5 times a day.

To prepare the infusion, you need a teaspoon of seeds. Raw materials need to be poured with a glass of water and left for 8 hours. Drink the filtered product during the day in 4 doses.

Treatment of prostatitis with honey.

Honey is very effective in treating this condition. You can use the following recipes:

  • Every day, consume 0. 1-0. 2 kg of honey with tea, replacing sugar with it. Products should be natural, preferably lime or floral. Such treatment should be continued for 1, 5-2 months, and then periodically repeated for prevention purposes.
  • Honey can be mixed with various medicinal infusions in a 1: 3 ratio.
  • Mix a glass of honey with 2 tsp. cinnamon and lemon juice. Such a remedy should be taken in a tablespoon every morning on an empty stomach. It is useful to use it with walnuts.
  • Dissolve in 3 tbsp. l. fresh grapefruit juice a teaspoon of honey and 2 times less turmeric. The resulting volume should be consumed in 2 doses during the day.
  • Add 2 teaspoons to 0. 1 kg of honey. pollen. Take 2 tsp. Daily funds for a month.
the use of honey for the treatment of prostatitis

Celandine broth

This recipe uses dry raw materials. 100 g of celandine pour 0. 7 liters of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. After cooling, pass the broth through cheesecloth and dissolve 0. 5 kg of natural honey in it.

You need to drink the remedy three times a day, one tablespoon at the reception. Store it in a refrigerator in a glass container.

Hazelnut infusion

In the treatment of prostatitis, the bark and leaves of the plant are used. You can alternate both remedies.

1 tablespoon. l. the selected raw material must be prepared with a glass of boiling water, the container must be tightly closed and insist for half an hour. Strain the product and drink the resulting volume during the day divided into 4 doses. If the infusion is prepared from the hazelnut bark, then the agent must be prepared twice as long. Enough 1-1. 5 weeks of such treatment.

Onion infusion

To prepare a healing composition, you need to chop two medium onions, prepare 0. 6 liters of boiling water and store in a thermos. Filter the finished product and drink 50 g every hour.

The onion infusion can be prepared in another way. To do this, you need to prepare a glass of onion peel, rinse it well and pour half a liter of water at room temperature. Boil over low heat and let it steep for 40 minutes. After dissolving the natural honey in the infusion (3 tbsp. L. )

Take it three times a day. Continue the treatment for 5 days, drink half a glass of infusion at once.

Treatment of prostatitis with walnuts.

For prostatitis, it is helpful to consume a mixture of walnuts and pumpkin seeds. It is necessary to take a tablespoon of grains and seeds, grind in a coffee grinder and mix with a tablespoon of natural honey. Use the resulting mixture during the day with tea. The treatment lasts one month. A new serving of the product must be prepared every day.

A decoction made from walnut partitions is also effective for prostatitis. It is necessary to fill 2 tbsp. l. raw materials with 5 cups of water and keep on low heat for 20 minutes. Leave the resulting product for 2 hours, then strain and use three times a day. Drink half a glass of broth at a time.

Aspen bark prostatitis treatment.

The easiest way to do this is to take a small piece of bark and chew it. The remedy is very bitter, but it perfectly relieves pain and inflammation. This treatment option is best used during periods of exacerbation.

An infusion of poplar bark is also effective for inflammation. To do this, grind the raw materials, put a tablespoon in a thermos, add a glass of boiling water and leave for at least 9 hours. Filter the resulting composition and drink in the morning before meals instead of tea. This infusion can be used for both treatment and prevention.

You can also prepare alcoholic poplar bark tincture. To do this, the raw materials must be dried in the oven. Then grind 0. 1 kg of bark, put it in a glass container and pour a glass of vodka. Insist in a dark place for half a month, then filter. Take the tincture three times a day before meals, adding 20 drops of the composition to a quarter glass of water.

Celandine infusion

For the preparation of a medicinal composition, dried plant stems are needed. 1 tablespoon. l. Raw materials need to be prepared with a glass of boiling water and left for 2 hours in a dark place. Then strain the composition and use it three times a day before meals. In a moment, a tablespoon of infusion.

celandine infusion for the treatment of prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis with chestnut.

You can use this tool in a number of ways. The following recipes are effective:

  • Prepare ripe chestnuts with needles and drink them instead of tea.
  • The same broth can be used for enemas. One glass of the product is enough for one procedure. An enema should be done twice a week.
  • A medicinal decoction can also be prepared from chestnut shells. To do this, raw materials need to be crushed, 3 tablespoons brew. l. 0. 6 liters of boiling water and infuse overnight. In the morning filter and keep in a water bath until the volume is reduced to a glass. Take the remedy 30 drops three times a day before meals until the broth runs out. Then take a break of 2 months and repeat the therapeutic course. The entire treatment takes 3 of these courses. The finished composition must be stored in the refrigerator.


This plant is effective in treating various pathologies of the genitourinary system, including prostatitis. For the course of treatment, you need to take 100 g of dry raw materials, rub them with your hands and pass a sieve. Use the remaining particles for decoction, take smaller raw materials in dry form.

The treatment is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. Swallow a pinch of dried wormwood every 2. 5 hours and drink it with water. This should be done for 3 days and at night the agent should be taken at the same interval.
  2. For another 4 days, take absinthe in the same way, but only 5-6 times during the day.
  3. Do microclysters daily. The solution is prepared from a teaspoon of dried herb and a liter of boiling water. When the infusion has cooled to 40 degrees, you need to filter it. One procedure requires 100 ml of product. The solution must be injected overnight.
  4. Simultaneously with microclysters, 50 ml of broth should be injected into the urethra. Continue therapy for a week.

Such treatment requires at the same time a strict diet. It implies the exclusion of animal feed, sweets, dairy products.

Drug rates for prostatitis

In the treatment of prostatitis, it is effective to use various combinations of natural raw materials. You can use the following recipes:

  • Mix 10 parts of hazelnut and hawthorn leaves, shandra grass and grapple loin, 8 parts of a golden dowel, 20 parts of steel roots, and 15 parts of a medicinal sparrow. This mixture needs 7 parts of boiling water. Heat the composition over a minimum heat for 8 minutes, then leave for half an hour and filter. Drink the resulting volume during the day in 4 doses. The therapeutic course lasts 4 weeks.
  • This collection requires equal parts celandine, yarrow, walnut, horsetail, centaur, hazelnut, and birch leaves. Add the same amount of licorice with parsnip and oregano. Pour 1 tablespoon of boiling water into a glass. l. collect and leave for half an hour in a warm place. Pass the product through cheesecloth, return the initial volume with boiled water. Drink three times a day before meals. One third of a glass is trusted in a meal, it can be eaten in half an hour. The medicine should be prepared every day so that it is always fresh.
  • Mix equal parts birch, currant, and lingonberry leaves with celandine, wheatgrass, and leuzea roots, thyme, and straw. Add knotweed and starwort yarrow. Pour in 1 tbsp. l. Collect boiling water in a glass and store in a thermos overnight. A serving is one third of a glass. You should take it three times a day, you can eat it in half an hour. Therapy is continued for a month in acute prostatitis. In chronic pathology, treatment is carried out in 3 courses, keeping a break between them.
  • Combine a tablespoon of chopped rosemary, tansy, and bearberry. In 0, 35 liters of boiling water, prepare the prepared collection and keep it for several hours in a thermos. Then filter the product and take a few sips every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Mix one tablespoon of chamomile, St. John's wort, and echinacea. Steam a collection of 0. 35 liters of hot water and keep it at a minimum for 10 minutes. The resulting product must stand and filter. You need to have a broth every morning instead of tea.
  • Mix one tablespoon of licorice root, nettle, and sweet clover. Pour the collection into boiling water and leave it for half an hour. Drink three times a day.
  • Take horsetail (10 parts), fennel fruits and field iron (15 parts each), marigold flowers (55 parts). Blend all the ingredients and pour a tablespoon into a pint of boiling water. After 3 hours, filter and sweeten with honey. Drink three times a day. A third of the glass is required in a meal.
  • a man drinking herbal tea for the treatment of prostatitis
  • Prepare blackberry and birch leaves, yarrow (herb), sea buckthorn (bark), valerian root, and mint (leaves). Take a tablespoon of each product and prepare with a glass of boiling water. Leave in a thermos overnight. Filter the product and consume the resulting volume in small sips per day.
  • Prepare sea buckthorn (bark), nettle (leaves), peppermint, medicinal valerian, and calamus (roots). Mix all the components equally. 1 tablespoon. l. pour half a liter of boiling water and leave for an hour and a half. Pour the composition through cheesecloth. Drink twice a day. At the reception you need half a glass of funds.
  • Mix one tablespoon of three-leaf (leaf) clock, sweet clover medicinal herb, common caraway seeds and add sea buckthorn bark (3 tablespoons). 2 tbsp. l. Pour the resulting collection in half a liter of boiling water, let it steep for an hour, and then pass through cheesecloth. Drink half a glass a day.
  • Take banana (leaves), marigold flowers and chamomile, mix with the kidney tea herb and five lobed motherwort. All components are taken in 1 tablespoon. l. Dip the resulting collection in a liter of boiling water and let it steep for 3 hours. Filter and drink four times a day in a glass.
  • Take a tablespoon of sweet clover and nettle leaves medicinal herb and 3 tablespoons. l. sea buckthorn bark. Make 2 tablespoons. l. collecting 0. 3 liters of boiling water, leave for an hour and a half, filter. Take half a glass a day.
  • Mix madder dye (roots), flax seed, and rainbow trout (roots) equally. 1 tablespoon. l. Pour the collection into a thermos, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 3 hours. Pass through gauze, drink warm overnight. One glass is required per appointment.
  • Mix perforated St. John's wort with chamomile, heart-shaped lime, and black elderberry, 2 tablespoons each. l. Fall asleep 1 tbsp. l. collect in 0. 3 liters of water and let stand for 40 minutes. Pour through cheesecloth, drink warm overnight in a glass.
  • In equal parts, the sea buckthorn bark is mixed with flax seeds, marshmallow root and fennel fruits. Prepare a collection scoop of 0. 4 liters of boiling water and leave it for 2 hours. Filter the infusion and drink a third of a glass three times a day before meals.
  • For this collection, licorice root, hay leaves, anise fruits, sea buckthorn bark are used. Mix them in equal parts. 1 tablespoon. l. Prepare such a collection with half a liter of boiling water and leave it for an hour. After filtering and drinking daily in a glass.
  • Mix the crushed raw materials: marshmallow roots and oak bark in a tablespoon, sea buckthorn leaves are 4 times larger. Prepare the collection with half a liter of boiling water and keep it in a water bath for 7 minutes. After filtering and applying as microclysters twice a day. The solution for the procedure should be warm.

Prostatitis is a serious inflammatory disease that cannot be ignored. Various methods are used in its treatment. Traditional medicine occupies a special place among them. There are many effective recipes that are based on natural ingredients. They can only be used with the consent of a doctor.