Prostatitis: an inevitable payment for the age or the disease regular?

For the first time the prostate as an entity was described as in the anatomy studies of a doctor of ancient greece,who practiced about 350 years before our era. At that time, the truth, the doctors made her a special attention, for himself, and the writings of this doctor practically have not remained, so that subsequently the iron has been returned to "open" the doctor nicola Weight. In 1838, green gave a precise description of the morphological pathology of the prostate gland, which over time has been complemented with its brilliant minds of his time. To the word, until the early TWENTIETH century the existence of chronic prostatitis and it is not acknowledged that many of the general practitioners and psychoanalysts who called her "anal-rectal psychosis". Fortunately, modern medicine has learned to not only diagnose, but also quite successfully to treat this disorder. But in reality it is a prostatitis?

A common feature of the

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate, especially of the male organ, situated just below the bladder. Its objective is the formulation of the secretion of the prostate gland, a major component of the sperm. In addition, the iron that closes off the outlet of the bladder channel at the time of the erection.

prostatitis which is

The inflammation, as it is easy to guess, it may be due to different causes. Because the prostate gland is directly connected with the urinary canal, the most frequent cause of development of prostatitis is the impact on the gland of infectious agents . Everyone knows that the human body has a large number of bacteria symbionts, are part of the normal microflora. However, it is worth so that the bacteria leave the colony and enter other tissues, as an ally, they become a source of problems, leading to strong inflammatory reactions. Enterobacteriaceae (the most well-known representatives of which are protey ), escherichia coli and Pseudomonas sticks, enterococci, all of them penetrate in the gland of the multitude of different ways. The most obvious — urinary channel, but taking into account that the prostate gland is related to the network of the great vessels, as a means of transportation for bacteria, you can speak and the blood and the lymph.

There is another group of agents, in the medical environment called "atypical", since these agents are in the order of least. In it, for example, includes the fungal infections are many, no doubt, heard of the fungus called candida (Candida), affecting the internal tissues and pathogenic "yeast infection". Normally fungal spores to penetrate into the internal organs then, when the immune system of the person severely weakened — which, in the conditions of severe climate and permanent overvoltage of the body, caused by the heavy work schedule and lack of sleep, for the modern man is not uncommon. Prostatitis is viral, and of nature. The human papilloma virus, cytomegalovirus, herpes virus and even the influenza a virus (!) can cause inflammation of the prostate and a cascade of complications, strenuous, and without weakened body.

In addition, prostatitis is called and not bacterial cause. It is in first place of the entities in the body: the particles of the pus is desgajan of the total mass, and fall down on the fabric with the blood stream. Sometimes own blood, no foreign agents, can cause an inflammatory response. If the man wears mainly sedentary life and neglect the exercise and the blood in the gland stuck and causes blockage of the vessels. And, finally, the last (but not least) is long sexual abstinence and the erratic sex. In the first case, the iron is degraded by the fact that, in the absence of the need, the body is supplied with everything less than the amount of blood, why do the cells begin to die of hunger. In the second case, all the blame falls on the shoulders of the couple, which can serve as a vector of certain types of infections of the genitourinary tract in places. The symptoms of prostatitis is difficult with something confused. The main symptom is sharp, acute, less oppressive pain at the time of urination and ejaculation. This is reinforced by a pain in the lower back, perineum, scrotum, and lower back. Due to the increase of the breast size, which often overlaps the urethra, and therefore, the process of urinating is difficult. In the case of a bacterial infection often can be observed a greenish and yellowish-selection of the selection of the channel, and, in some cases, it develops and the Sunday sperm — the appearance of blood in the semen.

That threat prostatitis

All of the above it is easy to conclude that the inflammation of the prostate gland wraps around a series of challenges. The most common form of execution result of the prostatitis — impotence and infertility, as the violation of work of the prostate implies a strong reduction of the production of hormones responsible for the libido. The reaction to an infection is rarely located only in the iron, usually the focus of the inflammation of covers and of neighboring tissues. Therefore, for the prostatitis must vesiculitis , pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, and other injuries of the nervous system. If the cause of the prostatitis became, fungi, bacteria or viral infections, you can very easily infect your partner. Agents of sexual transmission, are capable of causing infectious diseases of the urinary system and the women. In addition, the impact of the infection in the blood can simply call infections of the blood and lead to a comprehensive defeat of the organism.

You've heard the phrase "hypertrophy of the prostate "in the advertising of radio and television. The adenoma is a tumor of the gland that, over time, increasing in dimensions, not only causes inflammation and may become a malignant tumor, but simply squeezes the urinary path. Why is it so important? It is not only painful, extremely difficulty of urinating, and full of erectile dysfunction. Tight body receives less blood and, in consequence, the fabric is first corrugated, and then not die, which results in a large focus of necrosis. This form of prostatitis treatment no longer can be.

How to cure prostatitis

In the first place, make sure it is firmly remember a simple truth: to help in the treatment of prostatitis can be only a qualified doctor . Not grandmother-the witch and decoctions of the burdock, not the practices of tantra and not compresses of willow bark. "Himself" this disease also does not pass: the more time the patient will have to postpone the treatment, the greater the quantity of problems you have to deal with and that is the more expensive will the treatment cost. Many men do not understand the modern pharmacology, and experience a fear superstitious of what the doctor to prescribe them mount of the drugs, which not only are useless, but they will also do significant damage to the bag and to the health. Have no fear it's worth it: in place of a handful of tablets that will probably be given only medication for reasonable money.

5 interesting facts about prostatitis

Here are some of the unfortunate facts about the "main men of the disease" of modernity: — Healthy eating — the key to success: when a proper diet can not only strengthen the immune system, but even to curb inflammatory enlargement of the prostate. — One of every three men in the world suffer from some type of prostatitis. — By the way, the prostatitis is not "the disease of the elderly": some of its forms can develop in relatively young (20-25 years) of age. — Prostate massage is prescribed in most of the cases, but one the massage can be cured only to be stopped prostatitis. Sometimes massage is strictly contraindicated. — Prostatitis can for a long time to be asymptomatic, but will always detect the sharp decline of immunity, for example in the time of the disease, when the hypothermia, etc


Before prostatitis is known, what is more easy to cure. Therefore, please do not hesitate to make regular visits to a specialist that helps to time to detect and remove the root of the problem. Only the doctor, the doctor may collect and assign appropriate drugs and therapeutic course. In the event that the disease has already begun to make progress in a timely manner medications quickly will ease the symptoms and help to maintain activity and performance. Prostatitis is not required to load" and is not a sentence, and only one of the diseases that affect the men of the TWENTY-first century due to a busy life-style, and the large number of infections, exposure to which is regularly exposed in the walls densely populated parts of the city.