The presentation of the chronic prostatitis and the difficulties of its treatment

Chronic prostatitis is considered to be of long flowing inflammatory process, localized in the region of the prostate. When this man can feel only the weak discomfort, so it's not always heads to a doctor. The pathology is is the code of the icd-10 – N41.1.

inactive life style

The form of the prostatitis

The disease develops in the case of inadequate treatment of the acute form, or in the absence of any type of treatment. It appears the pathology is, not only in older people, but young people, due to the decrease of physical activity. The morphology and the functionality of the authority when they are violated. The treatment of chronic prostatitis must begin with the presence of the first symptoms. Otherwise, the work of the breast will be broken forever. The therapy depends to a large extent, which led to a pathological process. Presented by the disease can be divided into several groups:

  1. By causal factor: infectious; hepatitis; bacterial; caused by the fungus, m.; gonorrheal; mixed.
  2. By the pathogenic factor of chronic prostatitis is of the following types: hematogenous (infection of the prostate, of the injury of the chimney, falls through the blood); infected by meetings (through the adjacent walls of organs); lymphogenous (penetration of the pathogen through the lymph).

The defeat of the prostate is stagnant (congestive). Develops as a result of the poor expenditure of the prostate secret. The liquid is stagnant, and there is an inflammatory process. If the same problem caused by obstruction of the ducts of the organ, gallstones (stones), in this case, we may speak of a calculous kind of pathology is. Also the prostatitis-chronic bacterial, and nonbacterial. In the first case, is not present the causal agent, the second form occurs due to mechanical damage in the breast or under the influence of other factors, among which non-pathogenic. Is nonbacterial option is found in 80% of cases.

Causes and triggers of the

Prior to treat chronic prostatitis in men, professionals should find out the cause of their appearance. Cause the pathology is can these states:

  • genital infections: chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, herpes, gonococcus, the fungus;
  • the violation of the microcirculation in the tissues and circulation of the blood in the organs of the pelvis;
  • urolgica pathology is;
  • the presence in the body of the foci of infection;
  • hemorrhoids and chronic constipation;
  • the lesion of the genital organs or the spinal cord;
  • the weakening of the immunity;
  • carranza the process;
  • hormonal failure, violation of the functionality of the endocrine system;
  • the heart failure;
  • who migrated from the surgery, including the organs of the abdominal cavity.

These the cause of the chronic prostatitis are the main. And yet there are other negative factors that contribute to the development of the disease:

  • frequent general or local hypothermia;
  • inactive way of life;
  • a prolonged period of abstinence from sexual activity;
  • frequent to find in the stressed state, mental and physical overload;
  • smoking;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • errors in the diet: the frequent use of dishes fatty;
  • the long-term use of medications.

Only by establishing the cause, you can choose the tactics of treatment of chronic prostatitis.

The symptoms of the disease

During a chronic form of the disease is usually hidden. That is to say, the symptoms are manifested weakly, the man rarely pays attention to them and does not recognize the problem, which is not more pronounced. Ashamed and afraid of talking to your doctor. However, the absence of the therapy will lead to serious complications, so a visit to a specialist not worth a thought. The manifestations depend on what stage of chronic prostatitis is observed in humans. You can distinguish the signs of the disease:

  1. The discomfort and pain, which can occur in other parts of the body: the feet, the anus. The unpleasant sensations are no more than 3 months.
  2. The urinary problems. They are caused by the fact that the enlargement of the prostate gland that weighs about the excretory system channel. Biological fluid can't exit fully. This increases the frequency of bathroom visits in the night.
  3. Sexual dysfunction. The erection is irregular and premature ejaculation – premature. During the sexual act, the man can feel the pain.
  4. Increased irritability, anger, anxiety.

Also the fastest man is tired vasti physically, he appears to apathy, which slowly turns into a depressive state. The exacerbation of the chronic process is characterized by such manifestations:

  • the strengthening of the intensity of the pain;
  • burning in the urine canal;
  • fast urgency to the bathroom
  • increased sweating, tremor;
  • intense pain in the lower abdomen, rectum, and perineum;
  • a significant reduction of the sexual activity;
  • armbar syndrome during bowel movements.

At the same time can be manifested only 2-3 of the characteristic of prostatitis, therefore, the man is in no hurry to undergo a medical examination. When this chronic process of degradation in the interior of the tissues continues. Little by little the changes in the prostate seems irreversible, and to get rid of them completely since it will not work.

Diagnostic features

Cure the chronic prostatitis should be only after the completion of differential diagnosis of the disease. Otherwise, the patient is assigned drugs that can harm you. In the survey, use these methods:

  1. The analysis of the secretions of the urethra.
  2. The scraping of the mucosa and its study through polymerase-chain-reaction.
  3. Microscopic and bacteriological analysis prostate secret.
  4. The definition of the status immune.
  5. Transrectal ultrasound. The main echoprint of the chronic prostatitis – the increase of the authority in the size and volume, the change of its structure, the presence of pathological tumors. This study, however, is contraindicated with hemorrhoids, inflammation of the colon, fissures in the anus.
  6. The magnetic resonance imaging. The specialist receives the layer-by-layer capture of the prostate. Only in the differential diagnosis is able help to understand to the professionals of the causes of the disease, as well as the characteristics of its development.

The treatment of the pathology is

difficulties of urination

The treatment of the chronic prostatitis is not a transient process. Get rid of the condition is of long and exhaustive. In the scheme include not only the procedure medications and physical therapy procedures, folk remedies. Many patients require the assistance of a psychologist. It is useful and sanatorium treatment in specialised establishments. To completely remove the disease is not going to work, if you have already reached the from of the stage. The medication more quickly to relieve the symptoms, as well as the removal of the cause of the disease. In addition, the patient is assigned to drugs that stimulate the metabolic processes. To increase the chances of a cure, in addition to medications, you should and nutrition. The diet includes an exception fatty and spicy dishes, canned foods, sausages, sweets, and spices. It is best to limit the consumption of salt. It is expressly forbidden alcohol and cigarettes.

Non-drug treatment

In addition to the drugs the man is in need of physical therapy. It enshrines the positive effect that the core schema. This treatment have an action not only in the affected tissues, but also in the circulation of the blood, the metabolism. The this is a fundamental requirement to the success of the therapy is the use of several techniques. The patient is usually assigned to these procedures:

  1. Electrophoresis. Stimulates the regeneration properties of the tissues, eliminates pain syndrome. Using the procedure of drugs that penetrate more deeply, and activates blood flow.
  2. Phonophoresis.
  3. The therapy with laser.
  4. Magnet therapy.
  5. The Area of the therapy. Occurs a regeneration effect, improves metabolic processes. Recovers nervous conductivity.
  6. The ultrasound. Has a marked anti-inflammatory effect, helps to restore the sexual function, relieves pain.
  7. Inductometer.
  8. The instillation into the urethra.

Not be deemed to be less useful mud baths, as well as medicated enemas. All of these procedures can be used both for monotherapy and in combination with other media. Thanks to physiotherapy, there is the possibility to set the persistent positive effect. Popular is considered to be prostate massage. Resolves stagnant processes and improves the drainage of the prostate secret, activates microcirculation. When the shape of the pathology is that they are applied with more frequency. However, there are certain contraindications for the use: cancer of the authority, adenoma, or different, education stones in the ducts, hemorrhoids or fissures in the anus.

Popular recipes

If there has been a chronic pathological process, the treatment is necessary. Home remedies will help you get the support of the remission. But these should be used in an early stage of development of the disease. Cash, are these recipes:

  1. The leaves Kalanchoe. Must plant squeeze the juice and mix it with the same amount of water. Consuming is necessary by 100-150 ml a day for a month.
  2. The tincture of bearberry. You need to dry the grass and the vodka in a ratio of 1:10. Its infusion mixture should be 14 days in the refrigerator. The drug is taken two times a day for 15 drops. The course of the therapy lasts for a month.
  3. The pear compote.
  4. The juice and seeds of parsley. The ingredients can be added to foods.
  5. The bee pollen. It is necessary to mix it with water in the ratio 1:3. Consume voucher for 1 glass a day. To be treated this way you will have 1 month.
  6. A mixture of honey and roasted pumpkin seeds. All the components are taken in equal number. From the resulting slurry must roll the balls. Are in the refrigerator. On the day the patient should eat 2-3 pieces. The course of the therapy lasts for 30 days.
  7. Rectal candles containing propolis. To be treated by them need not less than a month.

With chronic prostatitis can be treated at home, but it is completely cure the disease without the intervention of doctors can not. In addition, this therapy is going to last more than a year.

The surgical intervention

The chronic prostatitis is not the end and not the trial. It is important that the man understand. But if you pass the therapy is not quite right, or when conservative techniques have been shown to be ineffective, the patient will require a surgical intervention. There are several types of operations:

  1. Endoscopic transuretralna of the resection. It is under general anesthesia and is considered to be the most secure option. Through the procedure there is the possibility of reducing the pressure of the prostate in the urine canal. The recovery period lasts no more than a week.
  2. The laser removal of tissue. This operation is safe and is characterized by the lack of blood loss.
  3. Prostatectomy. May be partial or complete. When you do this, the specialists try to maintain erectile function in men.

For the intervention, should be determined indications: persistent urinary problems, the risk of development of cancer process, the substantial reduction in the quality of life of the patient.

Possible complications

If the start of the therapy was to late, then the consequences of not avoid. It highlights the complications of chronic prostatitis:

  • urethritis;
  • impotence or erection problems;
  • infertility;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • the reduction of the education of the ejaculation or complete lack;
  • cystitis, renal failure;
  • the development of malignancy of the process;
  • the spread of the inflammatory process in the reproductive tract;
  • healing of the tissues of the prostate, in which the affected area cannot perform the desired function.

Complications of chronic prostatitis can not always solve the problem, so it is best to avoid its occurrence.

Prediction and prevention of the

The prognosis depends on what stage they started the treatment and effective for what it is. The chronic prostatitis is curable, if the patient returned to the early stages of its development. In the opposite case, the inflammatory process will exist for a long time, and gradually, the worsening of the quality of life of men. In the army with the same diagnosis do not charge. The emergence of diseases that are preventable. To do this, it is necessary to respect the following rules of prevention:

  1. Do not ignore sexual health.
  2. Try not to change sexual partners often.
  3. Appropriate to treat any type of urogenital disease.
  4. To normalize the power, the regularity of the sexual life.
  5. Participate in physical activities, move more.
  6. To avoid the development of the lock. In addition, the emptying of the bladder must be timely.
  7. Exclude the supercooling and overheating of the sexual organs.
  8. Avoid stressful situations, mental and physical overload.

Chronic prostatitis is a simple disease that requires long-term treatment. The man has to recognize that your diagnosis and live with him. Only in this case, he will be able to get rid of the problems.