How to cure prostatitis in men

The inflammation of the prostate, that is to say, of the prostate, regardless of the cause of the disease, as a general rule, acquires the chronic disease of the current. For an effective treatment of chronic prostatitis has been achieved, it is necessary to know for what reason it appears to him.

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Good health, dear readers. In this regard, alexander Booroos expert men's club of the "living man", and we continue to understand the problem of chronic prostatitis, its causes, symptoms and treatment options.

In this article we will try to understand what it is still best to treat this terrible disease, what options are there at our disposal. Let's start to disassemble the most modern and the most effective methods in the treatment of prostatitis in men.

What is the prostate?

Prostatitis called inflammation of the prostate. Occur in the result of the weakening of the immunity, the introduction into the organism of the infection, hypothermia, stress, sedentary lifestyle, active or, on the contrary, irregular, and the sexual life.

The prostate gland or of the prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system. It lies at the base of the urethra. The size of the prostate can be compared to the size of a walnut. The main function of this organ – the elaboration of a secret, in charge of the activity of the sperm.

There are 4 types of diseases:

  • Chronic bacterial.
  • The chronic, not related to the development of the bacteria.
  • Chronic asymptomatic.
  • Acute.

All the other types of prostatitis are not clear of the manifestations, so the diagnosis is always easy. The main symptoms of chronic diseases of the species of the disease include:

  1. Abdominal pain (can be give back).
  2. The selection of the urethra (can be clear or purulent).
  3. Disorders of the sexual function.
  4. Increase in the frequency of urination.

Prostatitis can be asymptomatic and is diagnosed only on the basis of the results of the analysis. Experience he can be the man over 25 years old. After 35 years, the risk of its development increases considerably, while the 45-years of age, the likelihood that the diagnosis of prostatitis is around 50%. Therefore, in adulthood, each year it is necessary to undergo a medical examination with a urologist, who will help you to detect the disease at an early stage, and the time of starting the treatment.

The diagnosis of the disease

To determine the presence of prostatitis is capable of only the urologist. After the inspection, you can assign an additional examination:

  • Examination a physical – palpation of the prostate, during which it is possible to determine the state and size of the breast.
  • Transrectal ultrasound.
  • The analysis of the stroke or the secret of the prostate in the presence of leukocytes and bacteria.
  • Clinical analysis of the urine, which can be detected proteins, leukocytes and bacteria.
  • The analysis of the ejaculation.
  • Cytological analysis of urine.
  • Bacteriological analysis of urine.
  • The analysis of the protein level of PSA.
  • Urodynamics study.
  • Cytoscape. To assign, it may be that only the existence of the indications, in the case of injury or during the preparation of the operation.

The causes of the emergence and worsening of the disease

Inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, the rectum through the close contact with the prostate lead to the formation of a focus of inflammatory in it. The vessels that nourish the prostate, are branches of the arteries of the bladder, the rectum, the posterior part of the sacrum of the artery deep artery of the thigh. Any source of infection, which is available in these organs can drop into the gland.

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The presence of a chronic infection, in any location, for example, in the sinuses, leading to a weakening of the immunity, and conditional pathogenic microorganisms present in the skin, intestine, urinary channel are pathogenic. This leads to the development of the chronic process.

Violation of the circulation of the prostate by the stagnation of blood in the background of the decrease of physical activity contributes to the deterioration of the income of the drugs to the prostate and complicates the treatment of chronic prostatitis in men.

Strengthening the flow of blood to the organs located in the pelvis, occurs not only because of the lack of physical activity, but a number of factors:

  • transient sexual life;
  • interruption of sexual relations;
  • smoking, the consumption of alcohol;
  • varicose veins of the lower extremities;
  • abscess and proctitis;
  • thrombophlebitis of the vein hemorrhoid on the background of chronic hemorrhoids;
  • fissures and fistulas of the anus;
  • the tone of the vascular wall is regulated by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, a disease that disturbs the flow and reflux of the blood of the authority;
  • the injury of the crotch of the horse riders, and cyclists, motorcyclists.

The complex of the infections of sexual transmission, the disease can not always cure this is definitely the cause of development of chronic prostatitis. The most frequent pathogens are:

  • trichomonas;
  • mikoplazmi;
  • gonorrhea;
  • Gardnerella;
  • ureaplazmi;
  • chlamydia;
  • mushrooms;
  • the virus;
  • e. coli;
  • streptococci;
  • enterococci;
  • staph.

These micro-organisms are difficult to heal.

Hormonal activity after 40 years in the man, slowly begins to fade. In the first place, is asymptomatic.

Decrease in the production of testosterone, time and time again, leads to a slight stagnation of the secretion of the prostate in their granules. Little by little, this stagnation is increased. Substances contained in the secret of the prostate, they are not deleted. Excretory, motor, barrier function of the secretion of the prostate begins to suffer.

Citric acid, with headquarters in prostatic juice performs bactericidal function, clarifies he. With the stagnation of citric acid is not enough, he begins to develop a bacterial infection. The level of citric acid in prostatic juice is directly related to the amount of testosterone in the blood.

The clinical picture of the disease

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis in men:

  • the feeling of discomfort, pain above the pubis;
  • the pain is triggered periodically in the rectum and the sacrum;
  • increased urination, and sensitivity, especially after hypothermia, stress;
  • generic selection.
  • the violation of the ejaculation, the erection;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • increased sweating;
  • sleep disorders;
  • periodic increase of the temperature of the body is not more than 37,2-37,3 0 in the night.
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What are the symptoms that predominate: pain, violation of urination or a sexual dysfunction that affects the treatment of chronic prostatitis in men.

The main components of the therapy of the disease

You must assign the main directions of treatment:

  • medications;
  • the normalization of the regime of work and rest;
  • nutrition;
  • the rejection of bad habits;
  • fiziolechenie, massage;
  • the folk remedies.

The pharmacological treatment

The effective treatment for prostatitis should be directed to the solution of the causes of prostatitis. Medications are selected individually by the physician after conducting the diagnostic studies. Take a look at how to cure the prostatitis, if he had already acquired a chronic form. The main directions of the medication therapy:

  • antibiotics;
  • the anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • antispasmodics to improve the flow of urine;
  • uroantiseptiki to remove the infections of the urinary system;
  • medications that improve blood flow and venous blood;
  • the drugs that improve the fluidity, a decrease in the viscosity of the blood;
  • vitamins;
  • enzymes;
  • sedatives, psychotherapeutic impact;
  • correction of disorders of the immune system;
  • the treatment of the diseases of the metabolic and hormonal in erectile dysfunction.

Therapy anti-bacterial

It is curable if the chronic prostatitis, will depend on how competent the selected antibiotic therapy. It is important to note that the therapy and the treatment of prostatitis will be most effective only in the case of a correct identification of the species and the stage of the disease.

Antibiotics are formed that penetrate well into the prostate, effectively act in the stimulant of the infection. Some of the causative agents of chronic prostatitis, for example, Ureaplasma, are not sensitive to these stronger drugs, such as:

the symptoms of the
  • tetracyclines;
  • some cephalosporins;
  • levofloxacin;
  • the clarithromycin.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents

The effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory methods (nsaids) is related to the normalization of the permeability of the vascular wall, the recovery of the microcirculation. It reduces the education and are not absorbed available the mediators of inflammation. You have to remember about the property of the nsaids, form ulcers in the stomach and the duodenum.

The most rational way is considered to apply rectal candles with the cnt, for example indomethacin.

The normalization of the blood flow to the drugs

The normal flow of blood is achieved adequately the diameter of the arteries, which bring blood from the veins, dealing with the output of the oxygen-poor blood. It is also necessary to reduce the viscosity of the blood and get to your good flow capillary in the bed.

To achieve a good result in the treatment of chronic diseases of the prostate, to treat the disease of the urethra, the bladder and the kidneys. To this end, we apply medicines:

Prostatitis inevitably reduces power, reduces libido, violation of the erection. These phenomena are always accompanied by symptoms of dysphoria, savings fund of the state of mind, mood changes. When these symptoms are assigned sedatives, anxiolytics, antidepressants.


It is known that phytotherapy is an alternative to the use of medication in the treatment of many diseases. Is it possible to cure prostatitis with your help? Very often, for the improvement of the change processes in the prostate, doctors recommend the use of medicinal herbs (licorice, nettle, peony, plantain, st. john's wort, etc). All these plants contain a large amount of selenium and the zinc. However, they should only be used as an integral part of the therapy. As a general rule, the cooking of these herbs are used for baths.

Physical therapy of the methodology of impact

For the exposure in the prostate, apply the following techniques of treatment of the chronic process:

how to heal
  • the ultrasound
  • the electrophoresis;
  • warm water baths with decoctions of chamomile, linden, sage, thyme;
  • enemas hot
  • the massage of the prostate through the rectum;
  • hirudotherapy
  • Uhf;
  • inductothermy;
  • zone of resonance therapy.

How much time is to cure the chronic prostatitis, it depends on the degree of expressiveness of psychological and depressive manifestations. To speed up the process of therapy, in the absence of contraindications, you should add physical therapy to the methodology of the exposure.

The dietary recommendations

The recommendations are standard for all chronic diseases such as the resignation of fried, salt, pepper, smoked in this situation, are not sufficient. The effective treatment for prostatitis depends on the management, the balanced diet for. You must add these foods such as celery, ginger, turmeric, abyproduct.

In them are:

  • the silicon, which normalizes the production of the hormone in the body;
  • the b-group vitamins, eliminate toxins and recover and redox processes;
  • chromium, germanium, selenium, zinc normalizes the work sympathetic and parasympathetic system;
  • vitamins c And normalizes the permeability of the cell membrane, have antioxidant properties;
  • amino acids benefits of essential oils, fatty acids omega 3, that rejuvenate sexual function.

Apitherapy is used: the honey, the ambrosia, a shown, royal jelly, the dead bee, bee pollen.

Popular treatment

Treatment of chronic prostatitis, necessarily, is supplemented with the medicinal plants should take into account all of the mechanisms of disease development. Then, the effect of the therapy has been achieved in its entirety.

It is possible the application of the following herbs:

  • nettle, sage, bearberry;
  • the mint, a plantain, the herniated;
  • the rose hips, yarrow, wormwood;
  • thyme, birch kidney, linden flowers;
  • cottonweed fen, chamomile, motherwort.

The healing of chronic prostatitis depends heavily on the application of herbal medicines by the scheme in combination with - relapse of change of drug therapy.


Used decoctions, infusions, oral, for bathrooms, for mikroklizm. Apply the tincture, that is to say, that alcohol-containing medicines is not recommended. This prevents the success of treatment for chronic complex diseases.

All medicines that gives a good effect in the treatment of prostatitis inflammatory, congestive, etiology, hormonal.

The prevention of the

Who better to cure the prostatitis will tell the urologist after a study of a patient. But, as with any other disease, prostatitis is easier to prevent than to get rid of the effects of the disease. To do this, you must:

  1. Lead an active lifestyle. The regular practice of sports prevent stagnant phenomena in the area of the pelvis and improve the circulation of the blood. Good effect are: swimming, running athletic, dancing, hot tub. To avoid power sports.
  2. Ensure adequate nutrition. It is worth to limit the number of fried, salt, fat, acute, marinated and smoked food. The base of the diet should be: fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented milk products, grains. It is important to follow the treatment of drinking water.
  3. Avoid random sexual relations.
  4. Lead regular sexual life. For middle-aged men the norm is to have sex several times a week. This contributes to the natural regeneration in the massage of the prostate, which sometimes reduces the risk of multiplication of the bacteria.
  5. It is important to avoid hypothermia.
  6. Each year, you must undergo a medical examination with the urologist.

After 35 years of every man is obliged to take care of your health, because in this period increases the risk of developing prostatitis. In order to prevent the disease is important to perform simple preventive measures and be subject to a medical examination that will help you to identify the pathology is in the initial phase, when it is easy to treat.